The Activities

For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.” 

- Aristotle -


Knowledge Exchange &
Sustainability Forum

We share knowledge among the members and gain insights from the experts. The knowledge is shared through the presentation, training, and various modes of brainstorming method (logical framework, design thinking, walls of ideas, etc). The method of knowledge sharing is interactive and 'beyond borders' - cross-discipline and multi-perspective. We are coming from the multidisciplinary background; practitioner, researcher, teacher, activist, and sustainability enthusiast in general. We promote diversity, creativity and put forward the learning experience through a pragmatic approach to solve problems from many angles.

Professional and Academic Network

The seminar gathers up progressive minds from all around the world with multidisciplinary backgrounds. Sharing presentation is one of many methods we use in knowledge exchange. Other method is working group and report writing.

For information about all the presentations and the working publication in ANESCo 2019 seminar, please click here


Join us in making a real difference.