"Conservation and sustainable use of ecosystems - developing and international alumni network" | 11th -16th October 2013 | Greifswald, Vilm Island & Berlin (Germany).


"The way to sustainability on the Isle of Rügen - Gaps and Bridges" | June 01st - 10th, 2015 | Griefswald/Vilm Island (Germany)


"Eco-Tourism and Sustainable Development - Challenges, Solutions and Perspectives" | October 07th - 17th, 2017 | Kathmandu/Sauraha (Nepal)


"Education for Sustainable Development - Sharing and Linking Itnernational Best-Practice Approaches" | 01st - 11th May 2019 | Griefswald & Vilm Island (Germany)


"Making our Food Sustainable: How Global Initiatives Link Food Security and Climate Protection" | 24th June - 02nd July 2022 | Siegen/Bonn (Germany)

Every two years ANESCo fellows meet to share professional experiences, AQUIRE NEW SKILLS, plan a project around the network's selected topic, and create new academic perspectives derived from the Global South views. AS A STRONG NETWORK OF EXPERTS ANESCo members INITIATE AND SUPPORT INNOVATIVE PROJECTS IN THE FIELDS of ecology, sustainability, and nature conservation in their home countries.

The network members have a common educational background from German universities in sustainability topics. They include alumni of Master of Landscape Ecology and Nature Conservation - LENC (Greifswald University), STUBE alumni (Universities in Berlin & Brandenburg) and alumni from other international German Higher Education Institutions.”

"Anesco is for me connecting to inspiring people, motivate each other and develop projects together, which can make our world and our lifes a little better and happier."
- Dr. Tiemo Timmerman ( Coordinator LENC program at Greifswald Universität, Germany)
"ANESCO is for me .. exchange of ideas & perspectives as well as coming together to work on a common project themes that have some valuable contribution to the people and planet."
- Nishad Malla
"ANESCO means to me a golden time of youth when a group of international students learned and worked together under the guidance of global experts, a living present where a network of to-day know-hows to accelerate individual and collective transformation towards a sustainable and desirable future that we all want."
- Gao Heran, founder of Earth Village Nature School from Beijing China
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