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Every two years ANESCo fellows meet to share professional experiences, AQUIRE NEW SKILLS, plan a project around the network's selected topic, and create new academic perspectives derived from the Global South views. AS A STRONG NETWORK OF EXPERTS ANESCo members INITIATE AND SUPPORT INNOVATIVE PROJECTS IN THE FIELDS of ecology, sustainability, and nature conservation in their home countries.

Ongoing Project

Forest4 Farmers: Food Security and Wildlife Conservation in the Forest of NW-Cameroon

Cameroon's forest covers an area of around 22,523,732 hectares, which represents around 48% of the national territory. Most of this forest is in the Northwest Region with a population of approximately 2 million, of which 70% of the adult population are farmers. Traditionally, the communities are dedicated to small-scale agriculture, growing plantain, cassava, bananas, cocoa, sugar cane, among other crops. Over time, some infrastructure and subsistence activities of the Chomba community have increased, fragmenting the natural forest, habitat of a great variety of wild species such as gorillas, generating conflicts and a great threat to their survival.

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