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International Project Seminar for Alumni Network of Ecology, Sustainability, and Conservation

The project seminar that aims to promote knowledge exchange for global south alumni - the international graduates from German universities in the fields of sustainability, ecology, and conservation


Who We Are

We are alumni, professionals, and academia with common educational background from German universities in sustainability topic; Master of Landscape Ecology and Nature Conservation - LENC (Greifswald University), STUBE alumni (Universities in Berlin & Brandenburg) and other international German higher education



Knowledge Exchange, Professional and Academic Network, International Cooperation and Publication

ANESCo aims to create an inspiring forum and multi-disciplinary approach to solve global sustainability issue through 'glocalization' approach by thinking globally and acting locally.  We inspire our members to develop opportunities in their local context and serve as change agents in their communities as takeaways from the seminar. ANESCo uses creative methods in conducting capacity building and promoting knowledge exchange in sustainability.


Professional and Academic Network

Sustainability Scholars Outreach


Knowledge Exchange

Sustainability Forum


International Cooperation and Publication

Credible Outcomes

Would you like to support our efforts to be an inspiring change agent for your community?

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Our Partner

"Many ideas grow better when transplanted into another mind than the one where they sprang up"

– Oliver Wendell Holmes

Linking Tourism and Conservation (LT&C) is an innovative and effective shared network that is designed to develop tools and incentives for replication of best practices and examples of sustainable tourism in national parks and other types of protected areas. LT&C works with individuals, businesses, and governments to strengthen the benefits of both sustainable tourism and area protection and management.


ANESCO Introduction

ANESCO Introduction

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